Voice First Optimization

It is time to be voice optimized! People are doing more and more searches by speaking into a device, whether its Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Bixby or any other voice device your site needs the correct markup in order for the voice devices to recognize the content and deliver the results. If your site is not voice optimized you will miss out on more and more searches. This is a rapidly growing sector that is not slowing down. There are already enough searches in this arena that you need to get there now.

Not all that long ago people used caveman speech to search on Google and that has changed over the years to be more like speech. Now with voice search more searches include how, what, best, the, is, where, can, top, easy, when, why, who, new, recipe, good, homes, make, does, define, free, I, list, home, types, do and near. As voice gets smarter and smarter the search queries have become smarter too.

We have a team of dedicated SEO professionals working on your behalf to get the job done. Give us a call or fill our our form to learn what we do and how we will do it for you, our results speak for themselves. By being at the top of the search results you turn Dr. Google into an asset instead of something you might like to surgically remove! It gives you instant credibility (that your medical degree should be enough to do) and the opportunity to educate your potential patients on the things that they need to know before choosing lap band or gastric bypass surgery. Helping them understand what they need to do post surgery and what types of support you offer.

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